Most Popular Nordic Spirit Pouches Review

We ranked and reviewed all Nordic Spirit pouches to give you the ultimate overview.

nordic spirit
  1. Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint

When you open the can, you are greeted by a gentle, sweet peppermint smell. These pouches give a slightly sweet peppermint taste but with a hint of menthol: considering Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint come in smaller pouches, there was no compromise on impact or flavour. Each portion is semi-dry, meaning they are not too dry or too moist and feel less intense than the regular strength in our opinion. These pouches are good for up to 45 minutes, giving a well-rounded nicotine and flavour experience right to the last second.  

You can get Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint in the mini pouch size and in two different strengths - regular or strong. 

  1. Nordic Spirit Spearmint

Nordic Spirit Spearmint gives a refreshing cooling sensation, like a winter breeze. A little bit more of a spicy mint that Nordic Spirit Mint, but still gives the full mint effect. These pouches have opening sweet spearmint notes and have a slightly bitter undertone. Each slim pouch fits discreetly and has a smooth texture. Each of these pouches gives a good flow of flavour, even after around 20 minutes of use. Experience up to 45 minutes of nicotine enjoyment with each pouch. 

On killapods, you can find Nordic Spirit Spearmint in the slim pouch format but in three different strengths: regular, strong and x-strong.


  1. Nordic Spirit Bergamot Wildberry

If you have come across Nordic Spirit pouches before, you may know the Nordic Spirit Bergamot Wildberry pouches by their former name “Berry Citrus”. Upon opening the can, you are met by the aroma of bergamot and orange, but once the pouch is situated you can start to taste the berry flavour kicking in. This slightly tart berry flavour is more noticeable than the orange over time, but there is still a slight undernote.  Having the bergamot flavour gives this pouch a similar taste to traditional tobacco snus. These Nordic Spirit pouches are good for up to 45 minutes, with consistent flavour throughout.

Nordic Spirit Bergamot Wildberry come in cans of 20 slim pouches with 3 different strengths to pick from (regular, strong and x-strong).


  1. Nordic Spirit Mint

Similar to the Cool Mint pouches, Nordic Spirit Mint pouches are made for mint lovers. The core note of cooling menthol is complemented by the base note of crisp peppermint for a traditional mint experience. Each portion is semi-dry, meaning they are not too dry or too moist and have a soft feel when you have them in place. Each Nordic Spirit Mint Pouch lasts for around 40 minutes - pretty similar to most Nordic Spirit pouches.

You can get slim Nordic Spirit Mint pouches in cans of 20 of 3 different strengths: regular, strong and x-strong. 


  1. Nordic Spirit Elderflower

Nordic Spirit Elderflower is one of the more unique nicotine pouch flavours; these pouches give a fresh taste of elderberry with a hint of citrus. 

The second you open the can, you can detect the elderflower aroma. Each portion fits comfortably and discreetly, with the slim pouch design and semi-dry feel. Once in place, these pouches give a mild elderflower taste that combines perfectly as to not overpower the nicotine experience. These pouches seem to have impact and flavour for somewhere around 45 minutes on average. 

Nordic Spirit Elderflower pouches come in either a mini or slim format. The slim come in both regular and strong nicotine strengths, but the mini pouches only come in a regular nicotine strength.


  1. Nordic Spirit Watermelon

These nicotine pouches give a very summer flavour experience with the fruity watermelon flavouring. The watermelon aroma might be more subtle compared to other watermelon flavoured products, but you can definitely notice it when you open the can. These Nordic Spirit pouches give a subtle watermelon taste throughout - giving an enjoyable sweet flavour, reminiscent of summer. Each pouch feels a little dryer, but they are comfortable when in place and soften for a comfortable user experience. Nordic Spirit Watermelon pouches give maximum impact for around 40 minutes. 

Each can of Nordic Spirit Watermelon comes with 20 pouches: they are only produced in the slim format and regular strength. 


  1. Nordic Spirit Mocha

With notes of caramel and vanilla, Nordic Spirit Mochais perfect for people who like a rich yet sweet pouch. Each can greets you with the scent of black coffee and dark chocolate: two flavours that are present throughout the flavour experience. The top notes of black coffee are balanced with noticeable base notes of caramel and rich dark chocolate. The softness of the pouch and slim design allow for a discreet, but still decedant, experience. On average, we find these pouches give maximal flavour for around 40-50 minutes.

Nordic Spirit Mocha pouches come in cans of 20 slim pouches and can be found in regular strength. 


  1. Nordic Spirit Strawberry

The creamy strawberry aroma greets you as you open the can - with the taste not dissimilar from this aroma. Each pouch gives the light, sweet and creamy strawberry flavour. The softness of the pouches enhances the creamy flavour and creates a comfortable experience. It gives the flavour of a traditional British summer of strawberries and cream.The experience from each pouch is noticeable for around 45 minutes. 

Nordic Spirit Strawberry come in cans of 20 slim pouches and are available in a regular strength. 


Nordic Spirit Strengths

Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches offer 4 different strengths:

  1. Mini: 3mg/pouch

  2. Regular: 5.5mg/pouch 

  3. Strong: 8.3mg/pouch

  4. Extra strong: 10.3/mg pouch


Nordic Spirit Pouch Sizes

You can find Nordic Spirit in 2 different pouch sizes:

  1. Slim

  2. Mini


Nordic Spirit Slim vs Nordic Spirit Mini

While both pouches are discreet, the main difference is in the nicotine content. Nordic Spirit Mini pouches contain less nicotine (3mg/pouch). However, Nordic Spirit slim pouch strengths start at around 5.5mg/pouch, with the strongest having 10.3mg of nicotine per pouch. 


Nordic Spirit Price

Nordic Spirit prices start at £5.19 per can on killapods, however the price varies depending on how many cans you buy. In fact, getting a box of 10 will save you money.

How many you purchase is completely up to you, though.


Nordic Spirit vs Other Brands

Nordic Spirit has one of the most unique flavour ranges in the nicotine pouch market. What makes these pouches totally unique is that they all have a base note of bergamot added to them, to give a flavour similar to that of traditional snus.